Friday, December 24, 2010

Trees take center stage at Floriade 2012

On 6 April 2012, the international horticultural exhibition Floriade 2012 will open its doors to the public. This 64-hectare horticultural showcase will not only preserve the area’s existing forestry resources, but will enhance the site with the planting of additional trees. Already, 1500 large calipre trees – about 85 per cent of the new plantings scheduled for Floriade 2012 – have been planted.

The overall design of Floriade 2012 will focus on five separate but interconnected themes that clearly address current trends. Education & Innovation, World Show Stage, Relax & Heal, Green Engine and Environment will all be explored through innovative and thought-provoking and above all, aesthetically-pleasing displays. Trees will feature prominently in each of these themed areas. Designer John Boon and planting advisor Jan Mauritz have selected trees based on the principles of “the right plant in the right place,” ensuring that the varieties chosen are well-suited to the existing climatic conditions and soil types. And of course, the quality of the trees planted is of paramount importance.

Throughout, aesthetic appeal takes center stage

The allure of beautiful colours for example, will be strongly featured at the central entrance of the themed area to be known as “Environment, Quality of Life.” A wonderful range of colours, from green, yellow, red and variegated, are realized in deciduous and coniferous trees. As well as the variety of colours, the designers have also selected different tree shapes, leaf shapes and textures, bark pattern and colours and more, in a large and diversified botanical selection. The Bomen Allee (Tree Avenue) will include 120 different street trees, showing that diversity is possible. Trees will be tagged to make this a learning as well as a visually exciting experience.

The concept that trees have mystical properties will be explored in the themed area to be known as the“Friends Woodland.” Located near Kabelbos, an existing forest area, a Celtic Tree Horoscope has been planted. This is a circle of 21 trees, each one representing two periods or a day of the year (the change of the seasons). Simply find the day or period of your birthday to know which type of tree and its corresponding characteristics to which you belong! Surrounding the tree horoscope are 100 old fruit trees, of 42 different varieties, in response to the current trend to nostalgic and heritage varieties.

A peaceful haven, offering an opportunity to picnic in the shade of trees or simply to relax, can be found in the World Show Stage area known as “Cultural Convergence.” Several varieties of park trees are freely planted here, including Prunus, Tilia, Rhododendron, Sophora, Castanea, Populus and red beech cultivars. The entire area is enhanced with large borders of ornamental shrubs.

Further opportunities for relaxing can be found in the themed zone “Relax and Heal, Well-being,” which focuses on both our mental as well as our physical well-being. Over 200 Robinias of different varieties and flowering at different times of the season, filter the sunlight, offering an overall sense of tranquillity. This planting forms the link between the shaded woodland area and the open market gardening area. Several other multi-stem and specimen trees, including some Mediterranean species are also featured.

“The Future in our Sights” focuses on the theme of Education and Innovation and in this area the designers have appropriately chosen to use trimmed, espaliered and topiary types of trees, including 160 striking 10 to 12 tiered specimen Tilias. An avenue of large-leaved Tilia americanaand small-leaved Tilia europa forms the entranceway to the Dutch government pavilion.

Of course, a modern horticultural showcase would not be complete without the inclusion of the green theme of “Sustainability.” Here, a newly planted row of conifers enhances the existing fringe of the wood with softwoods. This area will also be planted with some young birch trees as pioneer plants, creating an atmosphere of a deserted industrial area, which is reclaimed by nature. The plant materials will form a stark contrast with hard materials such as slabs of concrete, pavement and the large, austere glass building that will be created in this location.

There is now a little less than two years to go before Floriade 2012 opens its gates to the public. In the meanwhile, we will bring you ongoing news of the park’s development. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be putting this event on your “must see” list.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Garden perception STN

Garden Promotion Foundation Netherlands (STN) is working on a new garden experience research, in collaboration with the Horticulture Marketing. The first survey was held in 1997, then it is repeated every five years.

Nieuw tuinbelevingsonderzoek STN

In these investigations are shifts in consumer perception of green mapped. The new research will be presented at the 2012 world horticultural exhibition Floriade in Venlo.

STN was created by Gardener Information Centre, Plant Publicity Holland, Product Board for Horticulture, Garden Netherlands Industry and the Association of Gardening Businesses.

Different types of gardens
The research focuses on three different types of gardens: the blue, green and blue-yellow type. A total of six different types of gardens, but these three together represent over two-thirds of all Homeowners. Also, these three types are most sensitive to trends and promotion.

View a photo gallery of the style gardens

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Site Inspection Floriade 2012

The Floriade 2012 organization recently invited an AIPH team for the site inspection. AIPH president Mr. Doeke Faber, Vice- chairman of the Marketing Committee Mr. Kevin Chung and Secretary General Mr. Sjaak Langeslag were welcomed by Mr. Paul Beck, CEO of the Floriade 2012, Mr. Bert Stek, Financial Director and Mr. Sven Stimac, Project Director.

In a very informative presentation the several aspects of Floriade 2012, i.e. design, themes, potential numbers of visitors in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, accommodation, events, participants, after use of the park, and (commercial) partners were highlighted. The AIPH team had the opportunity to discuss these topics and to ask several questions.

The overall theme is “Be part of the theatre in nature, get closer to the quality of life”. The site, 66 hectares in total, consists of five thematic landscape areas: Relax & Heal; Green Engine; Education & Innovation; Environment; World Show Stage. Companies and countries can indicate in which theme part of the exhibition they want to participate.

During the tour over the park, the AIPH team was impressed by the progress that was seen and by the very surprising elements in the landscape design. The visitors in 2012 certainly will be anxious to discover every next element of the exhibition. As Mr. Beck stated: “Floriade 2012 is not selling entrance tickets, but offering a day of experience…”.

The AIPH team concluded they would positively advice AIPH Council about this Floriade site inspection and stimulate AIPH members to participate in this World Horticultural Exhibition.

For an impression and for more information, please visit

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Floriade 2012 increasingly international

A delegation of the Indonesian government has visited the Floriade. During the visit, Indonesia has officially registered to take part Floriade 2012. Also a delegation from Yemen to Venlo traveled to officially sign up for participation.

The entry of Indonesia has a total area of 1000 m2 and will have a prominent place on the theme of World Show Stage field. Indonesia has in the past many impressive submissions provided at exhibitions. At Floriade 2002, Indonesia has won first prize for the best country submission. The country is now in consultation with the Floriade team working on the design.

By submission of Yemen is a typical Yemeni horticultural product focus: the coffee bean. The exhibit has a total area of 500 m2 and is located at World Show Stage. This will include a coffee plantation to be built. There is also a pavilion constructed in terms of architectural style typical of the country.

Currently 26 countries have indicated their intent to participate in Floriade 2012. This is the target for 2010 amply achieved. Finally there are 40 country entries expected.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holland Naturally 2012

In handing over a red cherry to Jos Vranken, CEO Dutch Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) and Paul Beck, director of Floriade 2012, State Secretary Heemskerk year the international event 'Holland Naturally 2012 "was launched.The event puts years, with the world horticultural exhibition Floriade as a supporting element in Venlo, the 'green' credentials of the Netherlands in the spotlight. Purpose of Holland Naturally 2012 to 200,000 extra foreign visitors to the Netherlands to withdraw.

On the basis of four themes zooms Holland Naturally 2012 on innovation, sustainability, health and diversity of nature in the Netherlands. The four topics include aspects of 'Green in and around the cities',' Active in the Dutch nature ',' Wellness: health, relaxation and recreation in nature "and" Authentic Netherlands: water, skies and landscapes. "Naturally Holland 2012 offers opportunities for many (tourist) parties. It is through the efforts of the four themes is the variety of the Netherlands to his right, "said Jos Vranken.

Floriade 2012 supporting element

Floriade is the supporting element of Holland Naturally 2012. The world horticultural exhibition, which takes place once every ten years, is currently under construction in Venlo. Paul Beck: "Floriade 2012 tells the story of horticulture based on five core themes: Relax & Heal, Green Engine, Education & Innovation, Environment and World Show Stage and will end well with the event year.It is expected that around the Floriade will attract 2 million visitors.

Important event year

Once every two years, NBTC organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs a year international event that is central to the promotion and marketing of the Netherlands. In 2006 Rembrandt was 400, Holland Art Cities in 2009/2010 and in 2012 Holland Naturally 2012.Jos Vranken: "An international event years contributes to more foreign visitors to the Netherlands, a longer time, generate greater awareness with the Netherlands and contributes to a better image of the Netherlands.It also reinforces a year event, the product / market combinations, provides the opportunity for (new) partnerships and pooling of forces. "