Friday, August 26, 2011

Vivara at 'Floriade 2012'

'Through Animal Eyes ". That is the central theme of the exhibit of Vivara Conservation Products for the Floriade 2012. Vivara specializes in advising and developing conservation products such as food, feed silos, feeders and birdhouses. The company director Jan Thomassen from Venray will be at the Floriade in their own way to present to the public.

In the area of ​​the Floriade is currently under construction. Also on the 'exhibition field of Vivara, close to the Innovators and adjacent to the forest park, the staff for several months working on the establishment of a special nature and education project in the thematic area "Environment". "Together with our main partner IVN and other conservation organizations such as the RSPB, Butterfly Conservation, Hedgehog and Squirrel Care, RAVON (a foundation dedicated to the protection of reptiles, amphibians and fish, red) and the Mammal Society, we at the Floriade form the theme 'Through Animal Eyes,' "explains Jan Thomassen out. "Nature experience is central to our project."

At the Floriade site was called Tuesday morning participants officially signed agreement by Jan Thomassen. The design of the exhibit comes from students from the Garden and Landscape of Van Hall Laven Stein. But what can visitors during Floriade Vivara and co expect? "In an area of ​​over 900 square meters, visitors to the world of wildlife experience," says Thomassen. "Our visitors can stand in our real nature experience." To achieve this, is now working to build a nature trail immediately adjacent to a large pond with waterfall, surrounded by beautiful flowers."Central to the plan is the pavilion with life-size bird's nest. From a bird's nest on the first floor, visitors can explore the surroundings from the air. Anyone can playfully explore the possibilities of nature. Visitors can participate in workshops organized by us and the various conservation organizations during Floriade are established. "

By working closely with these organizations try Vivara the environment of plants and garden dwellers to improve."There is obviously information given, but we put together with our partners for activity at all ages. We and our partners at the Floriade want to show what we stand for and what we can. Without their support we would never have been able to realize this project. "Thomassen January, the 'super-state that Vivara the Floriade. "It's a world, which is expected to attract over 2 million people go. This is a unique opportunity to get close to Venray to a large audience present and I am proud that we have managed to participate in the Floriade. Of course we also hope to reap them to pick up all of our products we sell are not active on the Floriade site itself. Of course it would be wonderful if our participation in the Floriade afterwards sell our products over the Internet encourages. Thus, the investment would be recouped. But I find it especially important to create a win-win: for us and our partners, but for some people like more animals into their own garden area to draw. "

After the Floriade get the elements used during the Floriade pavilion as the nest, a place to Vivara in Venray Vierlingsbeek or where the educational visitor center is located. "We have a large nature that we want to develop.With the same idea, because everyone can contribute to the protection of garden animals such as birds, butterflies, hedgehogs and squirrels. "

January Thomassen was expanded last week to talk about the participation of Vivara to world horticultural exhibition Floriade. Missed? Look at

Photo: Jan Thomassen shakes in the presence of some employees of Vivara Conservation Products, by Andre van Hamersveld, project participants of the Floriade.

Monday, August 22, 2011

25,000 visitors for Floriade 2012 Cableway

'Floriade 2012' today welcomed the 25,000 th visitor of the Floriade Cableway. That's now now more than 5,000 visitors in total were expected. Because of the great success, 'Floriade 2012, ' with Montafon Silvretta operator, decided to keep the ride open two weeks longer.

Trudy Point (56) from Bergen in Holland was surprised on Friday b the Floriade organization. With a bouquet of flowers and a certificate the 25,000 th visitor was met at the cable car. This gives Trudy Point right to a season pass for the World Horticultural Expo in 2012.

Trudy Point claims to have enjoyed the ride in the gondola.
During the 11 minute ride, visitors from 35 meters a wide view of the Floriade park and surrounding area. Construction work to include the Villa Flora and the Innovators are easy to follow from above: "It is very special this way to see the construction progress of the Floriade, and you have a spectacular view of the Venlo region . At the same time, I became more curious to see what will happen in 2012! "

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Don't miss out on 'tulip mania'

The stock market is on another screaming roller coaster ride. Everyone is blaming someone. Investors shout at us to buy now while the prices are low. Others suggest the time has come to move to gold or something safe.

Time magazine's front cover this month touts "The End of Europe;" reckless spending is the culprit. I have no idea where all this is going, but it sure reminds me of a story I heard on a trip to Amsterdam.

You see, long before anyone ever heard of Cisco Systems, Qualcomm, Nokia, Google, or other stocks, there was a tulip named Semper Augustus. With blood-red streaks against a white background, this tulip was extraordinary.

She was widely known not only for her beauty but her rarity.

The creation of master breeding, this exquisite flower became the holy grail of all tulip bulbs among the rich in the 17th century when someone paid 10,000 guilders for a single Semper Augustus bulb. This was the price of a house on one of the grand canals of Amsterdam. Suddenly, tulip mania began.

To have a garden filled with brilliantly colored tulips became a status symbol. The rich and famous around the world paid dearly for this precious commodity. To meet the demand, breeders started experimenting and producing new and different varieties. Single colored tulips needed lines, stripes and flames to make them more valuable. The breeders wanted to keep the market hungry with fresh merchandise, and it worked.

Tulips soon became a coveted luxury item. People were willing to pay vast sums of money for a single bulb, prices rose constantly, and growers increased supply. It was madness. Buying and selling bulbs became a quick and easy route to making a fortune. Merchants and farmers began to mortgage whatever they could to raise cash so they could begin trading in tulip bulbs.

In 1636, any tulip — even bulbs once considered garbage — could be sold off for a nice profit. In 1637, everything changed. In everyone's haste to get rich quick, a couple of major problems had been overlooked. The first problem was an over saturation of the marketplace; this led to lower prices. Like our housing bubble, the tulip bubble also burst! Dealers went bankrupt. Many people lost their life savings as the tulip fell in value.

The second problem was even more devastating. Unbeknownst to the breeders who had created beautiful flowers like the highly coveted Semper Augustus, the unique vivid lines and stripes of different colors which were so coveted in the blooms turned out to be a genetic virus. How ironic! The people in charge of creating the market had infected the bulb with the virus and had led to its extinction!

Isn't it amazing how an obsession with tulips blossomed into such a financial disaster? How many times must history repeat itself before we begin to understand? Luckily, the Dutch finally figured it out and did not throw the baby out with the bath water. Flower power is currently alive and well in the Netherlands, and, next spring, the world is invited to come see them during Floriade 2012.

Held every 10 years, the Floriade is a horticulture masterpiece attended by over 30 million people in 2002. This event, which runs from April until October in Holland, will feature more than 100 exhibitors from dozens of countries. These countries come together to create a 165 acre park where Mother Nature — at her very best — is on display.

Not only will you be immersed in different cultures and introduced to different customs, foods and rituals, but you will see the world's most exquisite flowers, plants, trees, fruits and vegetables on display in the most creative of ways. In short, this is a horticulture event not to be missed. It is expected to exceed your wildest imagination.

Reservations are now open for this popular international show! As your travel advisor, I have a couple of exceptional ways for you to see Floriade 2012. You will note, I have mainly chosen spring dates. I wanted to make sure your were totally enraptured in tulip mania!

Escorted tour: Netherlands, Belgium and Paris. 11 days.

Experience the color and glory of spring on this leisurely-paced tour through the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Visit blooming fields of flowers, plants, trees and visit cultural events and sustainable architecture exhibits the Floriade Horticultural Exposition. Float in the canals of Amsterdam. See diamond artisans cutting diamonds in the diamond capital of the world. Travel back to medieval times during a Bruges sightseeing tour. Walk the boulevards of Paris, City of Lights. Visit the home of Claude Monet, cruise the Seine River and enjoy a farewell dinner on the Eiffel Tower.

Departure dates are: April 9, 16, 23, 30 and May 7
River Cruise I — Gems of Germany Belgium & the Netherlands — eight days, April 15, July 16 and Aug. 12.

Sail through three countries, visiting some of the most exciting cities in Western Europe: Brussels, Antwerp, Maastricht, home of the Floriade 2012 and Cologne. This river cruise includes all meals, accommodations and sightseeing. It's the best of old and new Europe.

River Cruise II— Amsterdam to Antwerp — Tulips and Windmills, ten days, April 10.

All the things that come to mind when you think of the Netherlands and Belgium — colorful canals, whimsical windmills, vibrant tulips, rich maritime history, the art of Rubens, Rembrandt and Van Gogh — are yours to experience on this perfectly paced springtime cruise that includes the Floriade.

These trips would be a perfect escape for a garden club group or for flower lovers who wish to enjoy the once-in-a-decade experience of a world class horticulture event, combined with the history, art and flowers of Europe! I will be happy to send you a free brochure.

Floriade 2012 is described as a place where a weed is a flower growing out of place! It's going to be special, so why not get caught up in "tulip mania" this spring? Take a horticulture journey sure to awaken your senses! How rich is that?

Contact Dianne Newcomer at, Monroe Travel Service, 1908 Glenmar St., Monroe, Louisiana, Tel. 323-3465 or 800-365-3465.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Insight Vacations releases exclusive Floriade and Chelsea Flower Show tour

Insight Vacations has announced the release of an exclusive one-off tour which
showcases two of the most famous horticultural events in Europe and Britain;
Floriade in the Netherlands and England’s annual Chelsea Flower Show.

Insight Vacations’ 17-day Floriade 2012, Chelsea Flower Show & Springtime
in the Alps Tour
departs ex London on 24 May, 2012 and with only one departure
available, seats are strictly limited.

Commencing in London guests will attend the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show, the
event that is famous for bringing together the very best show gardens, flowers and
gardening from around the world. Marvel at the magnificent floral displays, model
gardens and a host of structures and artefacts.

Next, guests will travel to Belgium to explore the cobbled streets of Bruges before
gliding past windmills on your way to Amsterdam, the city of canals, Dutch-gabled
houses and picturesque bridges.

After a visit to stylish Maastricht it is onto the town of Venlo for the Floriade World
Horticultural Expo, an event so special, it is only held once a decade. Here, guests
will have a full day here to become acquainted with some of the world’s most exquisite
flowers, plants, trees, fruits and vegetables. But more than just a flower show, Floriade
is a celebration of music, dance, theatre, literature and visual art from around the world.

This tour is perfectly timed to take advantage of spring’s full bloom. Other highlights
include travelling along the picturesque trail of the Romantic Road, two leisurely nights
in the Bavarian capital of Munich, stunning Bolzano, encircled by the majestic snow-capped
Italian Alps, the combination of vivid blue waters and dramatic mountains in the Italian
Lake District, the perfectly landscaped Botanical Gardens of Isola Bella, sparkling Paris
including a visit to Monet’s Garden, the inspiration behind his famed water lily paintings.

Insight Vacations’ 17-day Floriade 2012, Chelsea Flower Show & Springtime in the
Alps Tour
is priced from $5569 per person, twin share, land only,(single supplement
from $1675). This tour departs 24 May, 2012 ex London.

Price includes tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show 2012, tickets to the Floriade for 2012,
16 nights in first class hotel accommodation, the services of a professional Tour Director,
transport by luxury air-conditioned 40-seat coach with extended legroom for added comfort,
airport transfers, many meals and much more.

The exceptional quality, unrivalled value and impeccable service provided by Insight Vacations
will create holiday memories that last a lifetime. Bookings are available exclusively through
travel agents and all Insight bookings attract World Rewards points for World Reward members.

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AmaWaterways Releases 2012 Floriade Itineraries

The MS AmaCerto will be making its river cruising debut with a Tulip Time departure in April. // (c) 2011 AmaWaterways.

AmaWaterways released its 128-page 2012 Brochure detailing the line’s river cruise vacation itineraries, new programs, specialty cruises and new vessels.

The 2012 Brochure contains details about the AmaWaterways river cruise vacations on the Danube, Rhine, Main, Mosel andRhone rivers in Europe. In 2012, the line will feature a total of nine custom-built vessels in Europe, all featuring Frenchbalconies or twin balconies, and amenities such as complimentary in-room Internet, ship-wide Wi-Fi and guided bicycle tours.

Popular European itineraries commence in the spring withTulip Time cruises on the waterways of the Netherlands and Belgium. The new 164-passenger twin balcony MS AmaCerto will make its debut with a Tulip Time departure in April. The MS AmaDagio will be making its debut in France in the spring, marking the first time a AmaWaterways vessel will operate on the Rhone River.

The 2012 Brochure also details a number of new AmaWaterways programs and distinctions. Among them is theChaîne des Rôtisseurs, the gastronomic society with origins dating back to the Middle Ages. All AmaWaterways vessels in Europe are members of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the only river cruise line to hold that honor.

The brochure also sets forth cruise departures that include a visit to the Floriade World Horticultural Expo, an event that takes place every 10 years in the Netherlands. Also new for 2012 are “Culinary Delights — Bites and Sights” shore excursions, which are guided walking tours that explore the culinary heritage of Europe.

Additionally, the brochure includes an overview of the AmaWaterways 2012 specialty cruises, including “In Celebration of Wine” cruises on the Danube, Rhine — and for the first time — the Rhone River in France. Details about the 2012 “Jewish Heritage” cruises are set forth as well, including itineraries, dates and prices.

Beginning in 2012, the line will offer its popular Russia, Vietnam and Cambodia itineraries under the new “AmaVoyages” product line. AmaVoyages consist of river cruises and land programs that are separate from the AmaWaterways experience in Europe. The brochure sets forth descriptions, dates and prices for the “Russian Waterways” program on the newly-redesigned MS AmaKatrina, and the “Vietnam, Cambodia and the Riches of the Mekong” program featuring Mekong River cruises on the MS La Marguerite and the brand-new MS AmaLotus.

For more information, visit

Sea Cloud Cruises To Visits 'Floriade 2012'

For the first time, Sea Cloud Cruises has merged all three of their yachts into the one brochure in 2012.

Among the many voyages on offer, the brochure features a variety of theme cruises including an art cruise celebrating the 150th birthday of Gustav Klimt and the ‘Garden Cruise’ which takes in the renowned and rare event, ‘Floriade’ on River Cloud II.

The recently refurbished Sea Cloud offers the ‘Golf Cup 2012’ cruise sailing the Mediterranean from Mallorca to Cadiz, Spain and Sea Cloud will sail the Panama Canal in early 2012.

Early bird savings are on offer for bookings made prior to 31 October 2011.

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Titan Travel River Cruises Include Floriade 2012

Elegant River Cruises - Brochure Cover 2012

Titan Travel has unveiled its 2012 programme of award-winning river cruises for independent travellers with three brand new itineraries in a brochure that has a fresh, new pictorial style which illustrates more clearly the elegance of the cruise experiences available.

The programme is operated in partnership with Uniworld (the market-leading river cruise company) and offers a world class collection of upmarket cruise options on Uniworld’s fleet of floating boutique-style hotels to some of the grandest and most scenic waterways of Europe, Russia, Egypt and Indochina.

In addition to the three brand new itineraries other new developments include an expanded choice of shore excursions in significant ports of call, plus the opportunity for passengers to 'Go Active' and discover their various destinations on foot or by bike.

As might be expected from an Elegant River Cruise, every itinerary features fabulously well-appointed river cruisers, offering comfortable staterooms, sumptuous cuisine and first-class entertainment. Along with a full programme of shore excursions and the services of knowledgeable, English-speaking guides, every passenger receives the VIP Home Departure Service, a door-to-door transfer service that takes them from their own home to join the start of their holiday wherever they live in the UK, including Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. In addition, early-booking discounts are available on every single cruise, providing even better value for money for those customers reserving their holidays in good time.

The new brochure features a total of 30 luxurious river cruise options for independent travellers, including voyages on such fabled waterways as the Danube, Rhine and the mighty River Nile. The three new itineraries lead in with an 8-day discovery of the Gems of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Beginning in Cologne, this journey aboard Uniworld's River Ambassador continues down the Rhine via Maastricht and Antwerp to the captivating city of Brussels. Highlights include the opportunity to visit the much-anticipated Floriade, a World Horticultural Expo that's famed as a once-a-decade floral extravaganza. Next year will see the sixth Floriade, when the Dutch city of Venlo will be swamped with exquisite plants and flowers. Those not wishing to take in the floral displays can opt instead for a walking tour of Venlo. Other points of interest include tasting tours of local breweries and a chocolate demonstration in Brussels. There are 11 possible departure dates between April and September 2012, with prices from £2,099 per person. Bookings made before 30th September 2011 receive a £200 per person early-booking discount, bringing the price down to £1,899 per person.

Brussels also features in the brochure's second brand new itinerary, the 17-day Grand Treasures of Europe, which begins in the Belgian capital and continues upriver through Holland, Germany and on to the Czech Republic. Stops along the way include the charming and atmospheric cities of Antwerp, Venlo (for the Floriade), Cologne and Nuremberg, with a two-night stay in Prague to complete the experience in style. En route, passengers will visit historic churches, Renaissance palaces, fairytale castles and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with plenty of chances to taste local wines and relax in tranquil gardens along the way. The holiday costs from £4,199 per person for departures between April and September 2012, on a choice of nine possible dates. Book before 30th September 2011 and receive a £500 per person early-booking discount, bringing the price down to £3,699 per person.

The third new itinerary takes passengers half-way around the world for a journey to uncover the Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia & The Mekong. At nearly 5,000km in length, the Mekong is Indochina's longest river and is navigable only in its lower reaches as it flows along the border between Thailand and Laos and on downstream through Cambodia and Vietnam. These latter two countries share a chequered past yet are characterised by their beautiful scenery and fascinating cultures. The cruise takes in each of these countries' most distinctive attractions, starting with a visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels (the famous underground passageways used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War) and a chance to meet a wartime veteran. Other memories of a turbulent past can be found in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital, where the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum commemorates the terrible atrocities that took place under the violent reign of the Khmer Rouge regime. On a lighter note, other highlights of the 17-day itinerary include visits to peaceful Buddhist monasteries, floating markets and ancient temple complexes, with the undisputed high point being a tour of Angkor Wat, the mysterious, jungle-shrouded temples that are today protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Departures are available year-round on the all-new River Saigon with prices from £4,699 per person. Bookings made before 30th September 2011 receive a £500 per person early-booking discount, bringing the price down to £4,199 per person.

In addition to these new itineraries, the brochure features two other exciting new initiatives. The first is the introduction of 'The Choice is Yours', which allows passengers on the European river cruise itineraries to select between two included shore excursions in key destinations. For example, passengers stopping in Nuremberg can opt between exploring the city's medieval centre or discovering its connections with World War II. In Amsterdam, there's a choice of a full city-tour or a shorter excursion to the Van Gogh Museum; while in Arles, passengers can choose between visiting the iconic bridges or a selection of secret gardens. These choices render the cruise itineraries ideal for passengers with a special interest, or those who've visited a city before and want to experience another element of its appeal. Also new is 'Go Active', an initiative that gives guests the opportunity to discover the various ports of call under their own steam, either on two wheels or their own two feet. Passengers will find bicycles and Nordic walking sticks at their disposal and the on-board Cruise Manager will be able to provide maps, tips and directions to help the more actively-inclined to explore at their own pace.

Commenting on the launch of the new brochure, Dan Whitehouse, Marketing Director, said, "Our river cruises with Uniworld are elegant indeed, combining refined comforts and exceptional levels of service with the high quality and value for money that are synonymous with a Titan holiday. With an average capacity of only 130 passengers per ship, our river cruises never feel crowded - and with all kinds of added extras like state-of-the-art headsets, drinks with meals and even wireless internet being included in the price, passengers can relax in the knowledge that they've secured the most competitive price on the market for their holiday."

For details or to book, visit

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Will 'Floriade 2012' Turn a Profit?

Should Tholen become a co-organizer of the Floriade in 2022? "Don't consider it," says one. "An opportunity you can not afford to miss," says another. The fact is that the two recently held Floriades did not see a happy ending.

The world horticulture exhibition in 1992 in Zoetermeer closed with a loss of 11 million guilders. Floriade Haarlemmermeer in 2002 yielded a substantial loss.

Yet it was not all doom and gloom. The Floriade provided 500 million in tourist spending in the region with over 200 million by foreigners, especially for the Floriade came to the Netherlands. The event also led to the arrival of many new tourist facilities and the accelerated construction of a road in Haarlemmermeer ardently desired. Many parties in the town of Tholen think that organizing the Floriade also in tourism and infrastructure in a community that can boost business.

Opponents believe that this is heavily overrated. Things like that are all examined in the exploratory study with the municipality of Tholen Bergen op Zoom and the provinces of Zeeland and North Brabant it executed. Opponents believe the research will certainly be followed by a nomination.

"Nonsense," said Mayor William Nuis of Tholen. "If the investigation proves that we do not have to start, we begin there are not. But for the same money the Floriade offers a lot of opportunities for the region. It would be a shame to not even investigate. We now have the chance to win any of the Floriade. The following may never come. "

Friday, August 12, 2011

The River Cruise Line Features 'Floriade 2012'

River cruise specialist hits agent target in six months

The River Cruise Line has released an expanded 2012 brochure as it builds relationships with the trade.

The operator smashed its target for the year to sign distribution deals with 100 agents within six months. It has secured contracts with agency chains such as Barrhead Travel in Scotland.

The Market Harborough-based operator, set up more than 10 years ago, previously sold through regional and national newspapers via reader offers.

General sales manager Steve Goodenough said: “It appears that we have been very fortunate with the timing of our launch of sales through the trade, both with interest in river cruising increasing and with the pressures on commission-earning opportunities in the ocean cruise sector.

“We also feel that our product, which offers free coach travel from joining points nationwide using ferry links from Dover, Hull and Newcastle, provides a good value alternative to flight holidays.”

The new programme, which has increased to include 20 itineraries in 11 countries, includes four new itineraries and one new cruise dedicated to solo travellers.

A five-day single passengers’ sailing covers the narrowest stretch of the Rhine River Valley and leads in at £379.

Other new cruises include visits to the Floriade Festival in Holland on six departures in April 2012, leading in at £297; a seven-night trip on the Elbe, covering Berlin and Prague, starting at £899; and a Rhine and Moselle highlights cruise starting at £449.

Rhine and Moselle river sailings operate on exclusively chartered ships Lady Anne and

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Symphony of rose scent and color at Floriade 2012

In NRW the World photo contest Garden Expo Floriade 2012 Venlo is a garden of Niederkrüchten among the top 10 garden pictures for the month of July. Helga Götzenberger (66) is the creator of this little paradise in Varbrook. She loves old garden roses and boxwood hedges.
The passionate gardener Helga Götzenberger redesigned lawns, a pond dug by hand, pulled the Buxus itself. In the meadow flowers bloom on the left should, as nature has sown it. Photo: Busch

If visitors to the "open garden gate" take a step through the blue wickets, they remain mostly taken the picture and enjoy the heavenly glory.
The gazes admiringly about a dream of the garden, every breath sucks a heady scent of roses, your eyes can hardly capture all the details and look hard enough.

1650 square meters of own making

Helga Götzenberger (66) was designed in about four decades, the 1650 square feet around their house themselves, supported by her husband Hans (71). Photos of the most beautiful corners were already published in a gardening magazine. Now is a rose garden idyll at the sky-blue house among the ten most beautiful images in the July photo contest for the Floriade garden friends in NRW.

That someone with a "green thumb" live shows, already rising to the house of his front yard with roses, phylum, hollyhocks and boxwood balls. The staircase adorns the entrance to the old roof tiles and Wurz on balls, which has formed Hans Götzenberger concrete, peat and sand.

On this mixture is also growing a green fuzz of moss. Right overcomes a boxwood-lined path to the blue gate, past the old rose varieties like Charles de Mills (1790), the white-flowered Mdm. Hardy (1856), the pink Ipsilante (1821) Mme Isaac Pereire or the (1881). The roughly 13-year-old rank-rose Paul's Himalayan Musk climbs three feet high from her arm-thick floor up into the mountain ash.

The garden house on the competition's been playing house for the son. Photo: NN

The wood floor covered with mulch from grass clippings and shredded. "We are naturally aware of gardening and have not groomed flower beds," says Helga Götzenberger."Grooming" they just have their boxwood hedges and balls, run through the garden. For the cut in the spring, she needs 14 days from dawn to dusk. On the other side of the house of modern roses bloom alongside the 15th presumably from the -Century "Maxima", interspersed with zinnias and astilbe.

The Snow Waltz in White Rose spans an arc, another arch forms the garden lover, shoots straight hedges. A multi-storey hotel with insect-plant green roof stone is even built. Under the cherry tree is a vegetable patch plowed. Behind the big light blue house's garden is under three hundred year old oak trees grow up to the fence, where winds and beans. At the back have the compost pile and a wood fireplace into place, about nursery fields, the view extends to the Merbecke steeple.

The particularly intense in the fall and spring gardening makes Helga Götzenberger fun that would reduce the aid of a gardener only. "If I had created something new, I go the next day at 7 clock in the garden and enjoy my work," she says. That her son has become botanists (who is currently working at the university in Estonia), is no accident."The garden is my life," says the 66-year-old.

Vote Until Sunday 21 August, everyone can under / fotowettbewerb choose his favorites. The photo with the most votes wins the monthly fee and has a presence on the World Gardening Expo 2012 in Venlo. Africans from all monthly gain an overall winner will be chosen.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Uniworld Australia Offers Floriade 2012

John Molinaro

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection has embraced social media with the launch of a dedicated Australian Facebook page, hoping to entice future business and giving local agents easy access to up-to-date, country specific information in a bid to leverage business from competitors.

To coincide with the launch, Uniworld Australia are asking fans to ‘Like’ the new Facebook page to win a Parisian Winter Cruise. The competition, open to domestic travel agents, is also expected to help increase sales through connections between agents and past, prospective clients.

Speaking at the launch of Uniworld’s 2012 Europe and Russia brochure, General Manager Australia, John Molinaro said agents who received the brochure last week would immediately be able to spot the high-end quality of the product, which now incorporates all gratuities, a commissionable bonus for agents.

“The way we have positioned the brand, you know it’s a five star product that’s different,” Mr Molinaro said.

Two new itineraries connected to Floriade have been incorporated into the 176 page brochure, taking the total to 32 itineraries ranging from 8 to 32 days. A new “Choice is Yours” programme offers seasoned travellers the option of alternate shore excursions off the beaten track, while the new “Go Active” or “Gentle Walking” programmes caters to each person’s touring style preference.

Mr Molinaro stressed how Uniworld’s unique quality and service due to their association to Red Carnation Hotels was still a fundamental aspect when educating consumers and agents alike.

Off the cuff of their $100 million investment to the fleet in 2010-11, Uniworld’s last three ships to undergo refurbishments are expected to be completed in time for new itineraries and possible destinations in 2012-13.

“The ships speak to our relationship with Red Carnation, which will allow passengers to see the common threads between the brands with service being the key,” Mr Molinaro said.

“We have to provide what the consumer wants, and we feel they need to understand how beautiful and opulent the ships are.”

Forecasting for more inter-generational travel in upcoming seasons, Mr Molinaro said it has already resulted in a change of demographics on board, producing a renewed image and perception of boutique river cruising versus ocean liners.

“It’s a brand building exercise, and we have come an enormous way in Australia in the past 3 years,” he said.

According to Mr Molinaro, Australia remains as a key driver for Uniworld as one of their top five markets globally, resulting in increasing investment to sustain growth with full-time sales managers now appointed in each State.

“There is so much noise in the market place in this segment that we need to educate the trade on our product so they understand the difference,” Mr Molinaro said.

“The fundamental message we send to them is to book clients in early due to our limited capacity on board.”

To join Uniworld on Facebook visit and click ‘Like’.

For more information on Uniworld visit

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Europe river cruise itineraries for Floriade 2012

Viking River Cruises christened its second ship, Viking Prestige, in Amsterdam in late June. Making its debut in Europe in July, the 188-passenger vessel made its maiden voyage on the 15-day Grand European Tour. Next it will host guests throughout the 2011 season on the eight-day Romantic Danube trip which travels from Budapest to Nuremberg (or reverse), visiting Hungary, Austria and Germany.

Building upon the standard set by Viking Legend, Viking Prestige will have the same efficient, hybrid propulsion system, which the operator has called the industry’s first green river cruise vessel.

The vessel features all-outside staterooms and French balconies on both the upper and middle decks. The public areas, including a restaurant, observation lounge and bar, library as well as an expansive sun deck, provide unobstructed panoramic views. The debut of Viking Prestige marks the next step in the company’s $250 million fleet development program, announced in May 2010, and will represent the first European ship in a series of 10 new vessels to follow for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons.

Floriade is an internationally renowned exhibition of flowers and gardening held only once a decade in the Netherlands, and this event will feature in two new Europe river cruise itineraries that have been added to Uniworld’s 2012 program. These are the eight-day Gems of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands with Floriade and the 17-day Grand Treasures of Europe. On both itineraries guests travel onboard the River Ambassador.

There are also some serious discounts to be had, with Uniworld offering savings of up to 50% off a selection of its boutique river cruises travelling Europe’s waterways this Christmas. For example, the operator’s eight-day Parisian Winter Holidays departing on December 13 is now priced from $1283 — a saving of $1149 per person. And 50% off savings are also available on Uniworld’s European Holiday Markets, Danube Holiday Markets, Rhine Holiday Markets and Classic Christmas Markets itineraries.

Food lovers can unite for an amazing gastronomic experience, with Tauck recently introducing a 10-day French Waterways and Vineyards itinerary. This is a special culinary departure for 2012 that focuses on authentic French cuisine and village life. It has been crafted in conjunction with Churchill and Turen, who were named the World’s Best Culinary Tour Specialist by Conde Nast Traveler.

The itinerary includes an introduction to French cooking at the new Alain Ducasse culinary school; a special walking tour in Paris called In the Footsteps of Julia Child, which visits the haunts of famous chef Julia Child; and a tour called The Joys of Chocolate in Paris, led by chocolate expert Chloe Doutre-Roussel, author of The Chocolate Connoisseur. The trip also includes a market visit in Provence guided by three chefs. Departures are on April 25, June 28, August 17 and October 20, 2012.