Monday, July 7, 2014

Growing Green Cities

Growing Green Cities is the central theme of the world horticultural exhibition Floriade 2022 in Almere. Almere is the Floriade also a shared, multi-movement which Almere is working on a permanent green and healthy city. Growing Green Cities shows the efforts of citizens, civil society, business community and in different manners.
Competition Round of Weerwater
At this meeting the competition "Round Weather Water" was launched. In a follow-up to the Communication from City in 2011, concrete ideas are sought for (parts of) the Circle, as an icon of Growing Green. What changes the shores of Weerwater may greener, more active, more beautiful, sporty, energetic, calmer, more exciting, more attractive, more interesting, more fun, be? And what do you want for that specific initiative start?
Do you know a promoter or Growing Green initiative that deserves the spotlight on February 15? Let us know! We are to inspire others. Gladly give February 15 promoters and model projects a spot on the podium, Send your nomination with a short explanation of growing green @ .
The program February 15
14:00 Walk 14:30 Welcome by Alderman Henk Mulder and grand opening of Workplace Growing Green Cities Making Almere 14:45 Promoters Growing Green on stage with Alderman Ed Anker 15:00 Time for blind dates and auction of supply and demand 16:00 Launch Contest Run Weerwater 17:00 Conclusion and end Demo # 2
Are you coming?
February 15 from 14:30 to 17:00 hours Waterfront Cafe (in the theater), Esplanade, Almere growing green cities @
During the first "Growing Green presents' on November 2, 2013 presented many parties Almere their growing green initiative. Saturday, February 15, 2014 is the second Growing Green presents! We open the new workshop Growing Green Cities Making Almere and we bring supply and demand together. Together we will create an inspiring Growing Green presents # 2. Reserve this afternoon in your diary, come network, share knowledge and explore new initiatives.