Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Riverland region candidate Floriade 2022

The municipalities in the Riverland region have today officially applied for the Floriade 2022. A delegation this morning the candidate letter to the Dutch Horticultural Council handed. Candidates were able to log on December 1, 2011. The Dutch Horticultural Council is currently considering all nominations. Later than February 1, 2012 let them know who nominated for a bid book to give. 

That must be received July 1, 2012 inside. In the closing week of the Floriade in Venlo (October 2012), the Horticultural Council will announce the following horticultural exhibition may organize. Besides the municipalities are also Greenport Betuwse Flower, the Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Tourist Board, and the province of Gelderland enthusiasm for Floriade. Ontzander Dekker van de Kamp, the necessary land available. They were also represented in the delegation.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Scenic Cruises Offers Voyages to 'Floriade 2012'

Scenic Cruises is offering 15- and 18-day itineraries to Floriade in 2012. // (c) 2011 Scenic Cruises.
Scenic Cruises' 18-day Flourishing Floriade Jewels of Europe
Highlights of the 18-day cruise include the three nights at Floriade, a medieval banquet in Marksburg Castle, an event where guests are invited to participate in European village life for a day, an organ recital at Melk’s Benedictine Abbey and a private Vienneseconcert of Strauss and Mozart music. 
Departures are available in May, July, August and September, and prices start at $8,115 per person, double, and are all-inclusive.
The 15-day Jewels of Europe itinerary visits Amsterdam and Budapest, and features dozens of departures between April and October. Prices are available at $6,235, and include a one day visit to Floriade 2012.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dutch 'Floriade 2012' pavilion committed to innovation

"The Dutch pavilion at the Floriade 2012 is built with the latest techniques and materials, and shows how much knowledge and innovative entrepreneurs in the Dutch house." 

Foreign minister Maxime Verhagen of EL & I at the signing of the plans for the state pavilion ' My Green World ".

Dutch Floriade pavilion is committed to innovation
The Dutch pavilion is built in the shape of a germ and symbolizes growth and renewal. 
The property includes a "smart skin"; transparent fa├žade material that the heat flow in the building used for space heating or cooling. Inside the pavilion, visitors can see a simulated green world, with examples of innovative developments.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vancouver Europe Garden Tour With 'Floriade 2012'

In a gardener's life, there are a few must-do/must-sees. Seeing the Chelsea Flower Show in London, for instance, is one thing every keen gardener should do once in their life.

The Floriade, a mega horticultural world's fair held only once every 10 years in the Netherlands, is another world-class event every garden lover should experience once.

Sissinghurst, Great Dixter, Kew, the Keukenhof, Hampton Court Palace are all world-class gardens worthy of inclusion on any must-see list.
Few people get to see all these wonders in one trip.

But that's precisely what my next European garden tour is all about - taking 15 days in May to see it all.

This includes the magnificent Floriade, amazing Chelsea Flower Show, breathtaking Keukenhof and ethereal Sissinghurst along with Kew, Hampton Court and Great Dixter, plus a grand selection of exceptional private gardens and outstanding destinations in Holland, Belgium and England.

Gardens, gardens and more gardens can be a little overwhelming. I can't get enough of them.

But I agree that life needs more to find satisfaction and make a day complete, especially on vacation. So this European tour will also include plenty of time to take in cultural attractions, such as the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the theatre scene and exciting razzle-dazzle of London, and much more.

The adventure will start in Amsterdam with an orientating canal tour of the city followed the next day by a visit to the world-famous Keukenhof flower garden, mammoth Aalsmeer Flower Auction, where more than 17 million flowers are sold each day, and exclusive visit to the private garden of Holland's queen of landscaping, Jacqueline van der Kloet.
There will be time, of course, to enjoy the historic parts of downtown Amsterdam, including time at the quaint flower market.

From Amsterdam, we will visit the extraordinary garden complexes of Appeltern and Kijktuinen.

Appeltern is a one-of-a-kind centre (I've seen nothing like it anywhere else in Europe and nothing to compare it with in North America) that features 150 model gardens, closely linked, so that you are able to walk through dozens of completely different styles of garden in no time at all.
Each unique garden is separated artistically. You just won't find a collection of model gardens of this scope and quality anywhere in North America.

Kijktuinen is similar and also unique: a destination known only to top Dutch horticulturalists and landscape architects looking for innovative garden ideas.

The next day we will tackle what is the horticultural equivalent of a world's fair - the famous Floriade, a magnificent event covering more than 66 hectares and which is billed as a "global spectacle" and "spectacular theatre of nature" with five unique themed garden "worlds" separated by a wooded area.

The Floriade is such a gigantic undertaking that it can only be put on once every 10 years.

And it's no wonder that it takes a decade to put together. The site is so big that a 30-metre-high cable car system is being built to convey people from one end of the site to the other and also giving a bird's-eye view of the hundreds of special exhibits.

Dozens of countries from around the globe contribute top-notch sustainable, pioneering architectural landscape features to the Floriade, which is considered a "melting pot of cultures."

From Holland, we will move into Belgium, dropping into exquisite private gardens en route - gardens that have caught the attention of garden journalists from all over Europe, if not beyond and that yet these sites remarkably still remain private, quiet, beautifully serene retreats.
We will be entertained in these gardens by the owners before we continue on our way, winding up in one of Europe's most picturesque and charming old-world cities - Bruges, famous for its heritage architecture, some of which dates as far back to the Middle Ages.
The city of Bruges has been designated a World Heritage site because of the unparalleled beauty and historic nature of its extraordinary buildings, some of which appear in paintings by Flemish old-masters in the town's art gallery.

From Bruges, we will skip across the English Channel, taking the Eurostar express through the Chunnel to St. Pancras Station in London.
From there, we will head down to Kent to visit the iconic gardens of Sissinghurst and Great Dixter, two gardens that have thrilled and inspired gardeners for decades.

Built around the ruin of an Elizabethan house and set in the middle of its own woods with views of Kentish countryside on all sides, Sissinghurst was home to the writer and diplomat Harold Nicolson and Vita Sackville-West, celebrated writer and gardener in the 1930s.
We will also see Great Dixter, the famous 20th century Arts and Crafts garden restored in the early 1900s by Edwin Lutyens but most famous for the work of author and gardener Christopher Lloyd, who was born at Great Dixter and left the estate to The Great Dixter Trust on his death in 2006.

Heading back into London, we will pop into see the 121-hectare (299acre) Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew followed by a quiet day out to Hampton Court where among other things we will see the longest herbaceous border in the world as well as one of the world's oldest and possibly biggest grapevine plus some amazing gardens and garden structures, such as a gigantic Victorian garden tunnel.

The Chelsea Show, of course, is an event that is worth attending all on its own. If you went to Europe only to see Chelsea, you would not be disappointed and it would be time well spent.

You will see outstanding gardens, immaculately designed and constructed, plus floral displays of incomparable beauty and botanical perfection.

Without doubt, this is a memory that you will carry for life.
For more details about this exclusive tour call Lyle Truden at Flight Centre in Vancouver at 604-682-5621 or email

Monday, November 14, 2011

'Floriade 2012' -- A Global Gardening Spectacle!

Got next year’s summer garden trip planned yet? For the last few years, I’ve made an annual pilgrimage each spring to the Chelsea Flower and Garden Show in London, England. It could be described as a world championship of gardening where the world’s premier designers compete to produce impossible designs and the latest plants are introduced like debutantes.

Next spring 2012, however, will be different. I’m planning to visit another garden show that vastly exceeds Chelsea in scope and size, a show that could be described as the gardening Olympics. It’s a much rarer event, occurring not once every four years, but only once each decade, the first one held back in 1960. The event is Floriade, promoted as a World Horticultural Exposition, a global spectacle taking place in the southeast Netherlands, close to the border with Germany in the city of Venlo.

The word Floriade comes from the Latin term floriat — to design with flowers, and is pronounced ‘florry yada.’ Funny, I hear ‘flowery yard,’ which is equally appropriate as it is indeed a big yard; a 66-hectare park, in fact, encompassing five areas separated by woodland. Each area will be unique, filled with programs and activities where visitors, as the organizers say, will see, feel, and experience nature in a totally different way each time. The five themes are Relax and Heal, Green Engine, Education and Innovation, Environment, and a World Show Stage. The Relax and Heal section area is to feature a garden designed in harmony with natural elements to balance the energy of visitors and simply make them feel good. Revitalizing — just the kind of thing that’s needed around midday when visiting any garden show.

There’ll be tranquil Japanese gardens there, too, and a restaurant featuring tempting foods of the orient. A section called a “stadspark” will be filled with vibrant plants and flowers as only the Dutch can grow them. An exposition is more than a show; it’s a place for learning and experiencing. The Green Engine section will focus on nature and industry, showing how horticulture is a huge economic driving force. It will have Villa Flora, an innovative, sustainable green office building containing an incredible indoor flower show. And of course, a Flower Bulb Pavilion to tell the story of Dutch bulbs with music, films, and fragrance.

In the Environment area, visitors can enter the Horticultural Pavilion to see displays of everything Dutch horticulture gives to the world. There’ll also be an Avenue of Garden Cultures with international gardens designed to provide wonder and inspiration, and a pavilion devoted to Dutch agriculture and horticulture. It is to feature a sushi style conveyor belt filled with produce for sampling. And then there’s the World Show Stage, the part of the park with a promenade of food, an open air theatre on a hillside, an eye-popping water garden, a pavilion featuring traditional buildings of Indonesia and, of course, more gardens, including an immaculate rose garden.

What Floriade really means is a massive, six month long, horticultural extravaganza running from April to October. Imagine, if you’re old enough to remember, an Expo ’67 for gardeners. That is Floriade. That’s about as much as I know about it, enough to make me want to spend the summer in The Netherlands, except I’d have to abandon my garden. Instead, it will be just a day there, but I’ll be spending a few days seeing more of the country including the famous Aalsmeer Flower Market before finishing off the trip back in England at the good old Chelsea Flower Show — couldn’t possibly miss it.

If you’d more details of this trip or would like to join my group for this tour, contact me below. David Hobson gardens in Waterloo and is happy to answer garden questions, preferably by email: Reach him by mail c/o Etcetera, The Record, 160 King St. E. Kitchener, Ont. N2G 4E5

Friday, November 11, 2011

Latest 'Floriade 2012' Newsletter

There are less than six months to go before Floriade 2012 opens its gates. There is still plenty of work ahead to be done, but a lot has already been completed. 

A notable success story you can read about in this newsletter is the Floriade cable lift: since April no less than 51,000 visitors have taken a ride on this attraction! This month also saw the festive opening of Villa Flora and construction of the Innovatoren is also nearing its final stages. The season ticket sales are very encouraging too, while the other types of tickets have also been on sale since last week. The gardens and pavilions in the park are rapidly taking shape and next month a staggering 1 million flower bulbs will be planted.

This newsletter hopes to bring you up to date on the latest Floriade developments.

Happy reading!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Visit Floriade 2012 Horticulture Event with Trafalgar

Visit the sixth annual Floriade horitculture event with packaged deals fromTrafalgar.

The 6th annual Floriade event features 100 exhibitors paying tribute to horticulture and a cultural program of music, dance, literature, theater and visual art from all over the world. The event will be held in Amsterdam from April 5 to October 7, 2012.

Trafalgar will include full passes on two of its Holland itineraries. Guests joining the eight-day "Best of Holland" trip (from $2,225) will enjoy a relaxed pace holiday as part of Trafalgar’s "At Leisure" collection. Spending four nights in Amsterdam, two in Groningen and taking day trips toApeldoorn and Volendam, guests will experience beautiful Holland with inclusional highlights like a canal cruise, a visit to a cheese farm and a trip to the Rijksmuseum. On day four, guests head to Venlo to immerse themselves in all things botanical at Floriade.

Trafalgar also offers an 11-day "Best of Holland, Belgium & Luxembourg At Leisure" trip (from $2,725). On day seven guests will be treated to one of Trafalgar’s signature "Be My Guest" dining experiences in picturesque Bruges.

Trafalgar is encouraging travelers to book their 2012 summer Europe vacations early, offering up to $1,000 per couple savings when booked and paid in full by December 1, 2011 for travel between April 1 and October 31, 2012.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Uniworld Offers 'Floriade 2012'

Europe and the UK: the latest packages and special offers
An expedition aboard the Sampo Icebreaker through the northern Gulf of Bothnia and the chance to jump into freezing Arctic waters are among the highlights of Bentours’ four-day Lapland Ice Safari. Prices start from $1644. For more information, visit
Insight Vacations’ recently released 2012 Europe and Britain program sees the addition of 22 new itineraries including the nine-day Highlights of Poland, priced from $1985. Destinations visited include Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan and Malbork. For more information, visit
For 2012, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection has launched two itineraries taking in the world-famous horticultural festival Floriade, which is held once every 10 years. One of these is the eight-day Gems of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands with Floriade, priced from $2995. Floriade runs from April to October in the Netherlands. For more information,
A journey into Norway is on offer from Discover the World, which has a 16-day Fjordland Explorer package. This round-trip from Oslo includes an 11-day Hurtigruten coastal voyage. Clients who book before February 29, 2012 can save up to 10% on selected voyage fares. Prices start from $4921 (including the 10% discount). For more information, visit
An upcoming end of year sale for Renault Eurodrive includes reduced rates, five free days on selected models, 50% delivery and return discount, and a past client loyalty bonus of three free days. The lease period begins at 15 days and is valid for deliveries up until January 31, 2012. A Megane Coupe Diesel 1.5L is priced from $1399 for 15 days, with five free days included. For more information, visit
Creative Holidays has launched its first Europe and UK Preview Brochure, ahead of the 2012 season. The brochure includes accommodation options, sightseeing tours and car hire in London, Paris and Rome, among a host of other features. For those visiting London, an overnight stay at The Ibis Earls Court is priced from $84. For more information, visit

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

JAN TAMINIAU Fashion Week at Floriade 2012

Jantaminiau's Masterclass consists of four parts of which the last two take place on 10 and May 11 in the Open Studio at the Floriade site. 

Dutch academies are approached to 15 interested students to gather for this masterclass. 

The assignment: design based on the theme "Nature Extends' completely from their own vision, a design in a sustainable manner, using sustainable materials. Fashion Show at the Floriade, the 15 designs shown to the public. 

From May 7 to 13, 2012 Fashion Week takes place the Floriade. Theme is awareness for Fashion Design and Sustainability, shown from different angles and moments. 

The purpose of Floriade 2012 is to inspire the visitor and "conscious" to the project JANTAMINIAU inspired by Floriade 2012. 

So keep Li Edelkoort a lecture, give runway photographer Peter Stigter a workshop on street photography and allows consumers 7 and May 8 the workshop "Design Piece 'following Peter Leferink, professor of fashion AMFI.

The Floriade Fashion Show will be held on Friday, May 11, in which five unique designs JANTAMINIAU, 15 master pieces and piece design of the workshop are presented.

JANTAMINIAU also responsible for the design of the 2012 Floriade corporate where he was inspired by classic clothing gardeners.

Floriade and JANTAMINIAU are united by their love of culture, nature, quality and durability. The brand stands for JANTAMINIAU timeless, but also beauty with contemporary crafts and traditions and the use of technology in high esteem.

But the nature and the obvious ease with which it unfolds and forms, have a great value for the Dutch designer. Nature has beauty in it, and also is important what one does with nature and with nature is what happened. 
The transience and destructive power of nature are also qualities that JANTAMINIAU inspire the design.

Durability is important: recycling, great respect for nature and the eternity of the creations are proof of this.The brand JANTAMINIAU looks, like Floriade, is proud to Dutch icons, Dutch ideas and products made with love in the Netherlands are conceived and produced.