Monday, January 31, 2011

Océ will be document partner at Floriade 2012 Horticultural World Expo

Océ, an international leader in digital document management, and Floriade, the World Horticultural Exhibition held once a decade, today announced that Océ will be the document partner for the 2012 Floriade event.

Floriade will be held in the vicinity of Venlo from April 5 thru October 7, 2012. Océ will provide and service the decentral printing systems in the Floriade office as well as run the front office for document management activities on the Floriade grounds.

Floriade is organized in The Netherlands once every 10 years. In 2012 it will be held for the first time outside the Amsterdam-Rotterdam conurbation. During Floriade, national and international companies, provincial authorities and the horticultural sector promote their products and services to an anticipated two million visitors to the event. The objective is to positively position the Dutch horticultural sector.

"'Natural fit' between Océ and Floriade," says Océ CEO Van Iperen."As the Floriade 2012 document partner, we see tremendous value in contributing to the success of this Horticultural World Expo in the heart of our homebase," said Rokus van Iperen, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of Océ. "There is a natural fit between Océ and Floriade, whereby the themes of sustainability and innovation are fully in line with our strategic objectives."

"Two million visitors," enthuses Floriade managing director Beck "We are delighted that Océ supports our efforts to create a green experience in the region, during which Education & Innovation, Environment and the Green Engine are prominent themes," said Paul Beck, managing director of the Venlo Region Floriade 2012 initiative. "We want to reach out to a broad public of some two million visitors, from all over The Netherlands and across our borders as far away as Japan."

The commercial value of the partnership was not disclosed.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pink Submission at Floriade

Modern rose garden with the Floriade.

Rozeninzending op FloriadeLast week at the annual meeting decided that members of the cultural group the types and numbers required to collect.

The entry is around the terminus of the gondola realized. Floriade visitors will look down on a rose garden in the shape of a modern painting.

The garden will be more than 40 different kinds. The draft is a preference for healthy and budded roses, including Toprozen and / or ADR roses.

The 'painting' will consist of bright and contrasting colors, so there are no white roses. Around seats fragrant roses will be planted.

Planting is scheduled for next March.