Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Floriade Dialogues

In the four year run-up to Floriade Expo 2022 we will annually organize a Floriade Dialogue, starting in 2018, together with (inter)national knowledge institutions.

Here knowledge on the central theme of Floriade ‘Growing Green Cities’ will be shared and exchanged. Each year one of the four subthemes will be the leading theme for the conference ‘Greening, Feeding, Healthying and Energizing the city’.

For the organization collaboration is sought with renowned Dutch universities such as AMS, WUR, TU-Delft, Aeres University of applied sciences, VU University Amsterdam and Maastricht University. You are more than welcome to contribute and participate in any or all of these upcoming events.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Floriade 2022 Almere

 World Expo Floriade 2022 Amsterdam Almere

The Floriade is an international garden festival and exhibition that is held every ten years in the Netherlands. The World Expo Floriade Amsterdam Almere is listed by the World Horticultural Expositions, by the International Association of Horticultural Producers and hence recognised by the Bureau International des Expositions.

The Floriade is coordinated by the Dutch Horticultural Council. This council aims to strengthen the image of the Dutch horticulture and to promote exports.

The next Floriade will be held in 2022 and has as theme “Growing Green Cities”. Its location is just outside Amsterdam in the city of Almere. It will be open from springtime until autumn.


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Floriade Experience


Floriade Expo 2022 will offer its visitors three different experiences, where they can find a lot of inspiration and information.

Floriade Expo 2022 will feature inspiring exhibitions from cities around the world, communicating their vision of  a green city. These exhibitions will be situated in a unique arboretum, covering the entire site. The arboretum itself will be a catalogue of trees, plants and crops, arranged in alphabetical order, each item
having a demonstrable function in the context of a green city. For example, some will lower a city’s temperature, others will store water, clean the air or create energy.

The green experiences of Floriade Expo 2022 will appeal to the imagination of a broad audience and stimulate repeat visits. Sustainability will, of course, play a key role. These experiences will also become a component of the future residential district after the expo ends, or perhaps find a new location elsewhere in the world.

The inspiring program and great line-up of events and festivities will ensure that Floriade Expo 2022 will be a lively and dynamic event. Each day will bring something new to discover and experience. There will be workshops, pop-ups, art installations, as well as meet-and-greets, cultural events and entertainment -
all contributing to make the Floriade the ultimate green event.

The expo site will be developed as a Green City Arboretum, serving as a model for green structure development in cities. This arboretum will consist of a variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, creepers, hydrophytes and flower bulbs, all of which contribute to a green, healthy and sustainable city. Around 3,000 species have been selected that contribute to the green city in terms of biodiversity, air purification, food production and city climate management.

The arboretum will be planted in alphabetical order. Each lot within the grounds will be allocated a letter of the alphabet. A four-meter wide strip around each lot will contain plants and trees, the Latin names of which starts with the letter allocated to the lot. We invite participants to choose planting that bears a relationship to their exhibit, country or city of origin.