Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Filmwijkers involved in Floriade

Foundation Platform Filmwijk marks a major commitment to the inhabitants of the district organizes a meeting next week on the Floriade. The world horticultural exhibition will be located at the back next to the water Filmwijk and despite many positive Floriade is not entirely uncontroversial. 

"There are many sounds of residents of the district on the Floriade" said Tanja Coenen Foundation Platform Filmwijk. "Because the area around the water again will change with the arrival of the Floriade radically there are many people who also sit with worry," she explains. 

"The people who live on the water have again be presented with a permanent view of the greenery and water, this will also lower the price of their home. Additionally, some people are also worried about the cost of the project." She emphasizes that Foundation Platform Filmwijk a positive approach in mind. 

"We do not expect the total Floriade will be held somewhere else, but we like to think about the possibility to put him further westward. We have thought of the area where the castle stands, but before that we will also be the owner need to talk. " They expect to hear many different sounds at the meeting. "This will probably not be the last meeting,".

Monday, April 22, 2013

Floriade Helps Launch Food Product Expansion

Healthy finger food with fruit, vegetables and grain"

Today’s conscious consumers increasingly asks for healthy and tasty products. Innovative companies have responded by introducing new developments. An example of such a product is Smood, which was developed in Holland about 1.5 years ago. Smood is a finger food, made ​​of vegetables, fruit and grain from the nearby province of Limburg, so the taste is well preserved. The product contains no added sugar, salt or fat. It is also free of artificial colours and flavours. The product is packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fibres.

Klaas-Jan van 't Wout, CEO of Smood, says the product was promoted during the Dutch Floriade fair. "This was very interesting because we were able to see whether the idea caught on. Consumers were faced with the product and were allowed to say what they thought of the taste, texture and bite. Based on these responses, we have elaborated and introduced two additional flavours: Italian Vibe and Hot Sensation."

"Currently, the product is already on shelves at various retailers, like Plus, Coop and Spar stores. There we will promote the product to expand brand awareness. What we find important is that our product is right next to the fruit and vegetables. That is where Smood belongs."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Minister promises quick decision on Floriade A9 tunnel

Melanie Schultz van Haegen

Melanie Schultz van Haegen
A cheaper solution than a tunnel near the A9 is the Empire still in talks with Amstelveen. Much more than that wild Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure yesterday not lost in the parliamentary debate on a strategic plan, the construction of the widened part A9. Amstelveen has under the previous lecture for a contribution of 100 million euros in the tunnel contractually.
The minister knows it - she said in response to questions from Ton Elias, the second member of Parliament for the VVD - that the municipality that money can not cough, partly by the deterioration of the real estate market. Because the amount would be it rich computing income last lecture of the redevelopment of the area along the road. What now appears imagination. One of the suggested alternatives, a canopy is in place of a tunnel in order for Amstelveen still less noise and as a result of the dirty air path to obtain.
But deciding on a cheaper alternative does require care, the minister said. They pointed out that the deal on the A9-A1-A6 corridor many parties are involved, all of which have signed the contract put. And they expect that if she is to be held, the same applies for Amstelveen. "But I expect that decision, the various parties can live shortly finalize. And since we are not ready, I can not yet say anything about, "she said.
Elias said that now lobbies MPs from all sides gain. Include directors indicating that seventeen signatures under the deal are on the corridor from the airport, via Amstelveen and Muiden to Almere. "And they are terrified for precedent if signatures or projects will perish. Secondly, political support for a significantly cheaper solution at Amstelveen in these tough financial times also worth something, "said Elias. He added, that in Flevoland fears that the A9 may not be ready in time for the Floriade 2022 in Almere. The trajectory in renewed form it is part of the plan that won that city in the Dutch Horticultural Council Floriade hauled.
Alderman Herbert Raat pleased to say that according to the mninister she comes out with the contract partners. "Hopefully there soon a proposal to the council," he says. He sees in the otherwise rather vague assurances from the Minister a breakthrough in the A9 file.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Groningen wants Floriade plan on a smaller scale

Groningen had a plan for organizing the Floriade 2022. The proposal of Almere was preferred by the Dutch Horticultural Council. That does not mean that the Groningen plans full table. There are advanced plans for an exhibition in the city that is slightly smaller but similar reading is shod. 

The small Floriade was also the former Sugar Land Union to come. Trigger plans Jola Meijer, former top official of the municipality of Groningen. She was also the project manager when Groningen bid book should make the Floriade candidacy underpinnings. Next month, she presents the new plans to the council. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

VBA, Rabo Co-Found Foundation

Rabobank and the Association for Corporate Circle Almere (VBA), the Friends of the Floriade 2022 founded. Both institutions will present their ideas about the details shortly to interested parties.

It is planned that in the foundation companies from Almere, but also from outside the city. "Target is in any case that we have companies like to keep informed of what's happening. We also want that the companies can discuss'', so give Joe Kramer, director of the VBA.  During the phase for the Floriade in Almere was awarded by the National Horticulture Board did include Rabobank and VBA in a research the economic feasibility of bringing the world horticultural exhibition. 

Then there were 150 companies that initiative Almeerder Marc van Rooij supported.  After granting the township has a project has been created and is now working on an exploration and will in all probability this year appoint a quartermaster. ,, We would like local businesses, possibly with external companies, to participate in the preparation. The foundation must be a solid foundation to be.