Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Floral Coop Formed

Cooperative Innovation in the bulb sector Kop van Noord-Holland

Three spheres companies from the Kop van Noord-Holland have formed a cooperative to join forces.Their goal innovative ball on pot 'products to develop and market it. For this they have a contribution of € 20,000 received from the European Rural Development Programme Leader and Province of North Holland.
The cooperative ( is not only engaged in innovative product development but also as sustainable and environmentally possible produce. In the changing world where comfort and durability are key words, it is important that the bulb industry adapts obey. The collaborating companies want to market supply and demand better coordinate and develop new trends.

For the Kop van Noord-Holland is the bulb industry is very important. This initiative is an example of how companies in difficult times flexible and innovative preparation and thus create new opportunities and markets. (Source: Leader Kop van Noord-Holland).

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Floriade Cleantech is Inevitable Reality

SER Flevoland gave one last card with its final symposium that was held Thursday jl. All experts who spoke, among them Prof. Rudy Rabbinge, agreed: there must be nine billion people worldwide in 2050 are fed. In addition, these people need energy. In the Netherlands, the sustainability policy for food and energy, however, is mainly focused on minimizing the cost, while innovation and commercialization of sustainable uses of biomass such priority should be. Intervention is needed, because the Netherlands falls deeper and deeper into the global ranking of this important growth sector.

Photo: Cleantech economy hard economic necessity

Vera Dam, Director for Nature and Environment Federation Flevoland 

The last symposium SER Flevoland was combined with the five-year anniversary of ACRRES, the application center for renewable energy in Lelystad. This is not only a Flevoland, but also a Dutch showpiece. So could ACRRES important results in the field of algae cultivation present. This culture has a lot of potential. Algae are a very important source of protein (about 50%) and also contain on average 20% carbohydrates and 10% oil. These components are very rich in energy and useful for the production of bioethanol or biodiesel. The oil is very valuable as the sole source of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Innovative Floriade 
Deputy Appelman took the opportunity to emphasize that food production, food security and economic greening stored in the DNA of Flevoland. Flevoland is actually made. The Floriade 2022 which will be held in Almere offers wonderful opportunities for sustainable knowledge to further explore and strengthen and thereby to contribute to the global task.He could write several inspirational ideas of speakers and other attendees.
Contribution National Energy Agreement 
The conference closed seamlessly to the National Energy Agreement for sustainable growth, the national Economic and Social Council is currently composing. It sets binding agreements on energy, clean energy technologies and climate. The symposium gave important input for this and offered various parties Flevoland good networking opportunities with respect to this agreement. Deputy Appelman suggested therefore that the end of SER Flevoland will mean no end of Flevoland tripartite consultations."There are situations where it is useful and instrumental to the regional interests are properly mapping."

Monday, March 4, 2013

Henk Mulder follows Duivesteijn Manager 'Floriade'

The fraction of the Labour Party, Henk Mulder nominated as alderman of Sustainable Spatial Development in Almere. Thus he follows Adri Duivesteijn, who was recently installed as a member of the Senate.
The Group believes that Mulder the most suitable candidate, because he as director of the Department of Urban Development intensively involved in spatial development in the city. "Henk Mulder represents continuity," said party leader John van der Pauw. 

"This is important. 
It means that the policy in recent years has been used structurally anchored and that there will be built. In general terms it than to Oostvaarders Agreement, more specifically above Almere 2.0 and the choice of organic growth of interest. " Mulder's been five years at the city of Almere. He has political experience as leader of the Labour Party in Friesland. 

The new councilor is planning to move to Almere to go when in the next period is also alderman. "Especially for a young city Almere is continuity of policy is crucial," Van de Pauw. "Mulder ensure this continuity, and more than that. Almere is still for large tasks. 

Soon the National Structure for the area Amsterdam / Almere / Markermeer presented and the exploration of the Floriade 2022 start. There is a major task for Mulder to take new steps on the way to a mature, comprehensive and sustainable city. "