Saturday, June 22, 2013

Floriade Garden open late August


The Floriade Garden at The Veentjes Doetinchem opens in late August.That says Nico Wissing who pulls the garden with his Megchelse company GreenM2.
The garden - full Achterhoekse sustainable innovations - in 2012 was half a year at the Floriade in Venlo. It was decided then not to destroy the garden but to temporarily store and build on the Veentjes this summer. This is partly in an area surrounded by wooden fencing.
Outside that area is also a pond with a bridge. The Floriade Garden to The Veentjes boost. This after successively the old theater was demolished and Amphion C1000 supermarket closed and the area was desolate.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Floriade Must Be Jobs Engine

In times when the economic climate in Almere, Flevoland as 'unpleasant' is called, hoping the province and the Chamber of Commerce that the arrival of the Floriade to Almere will function as a job creator.
That said Wouter Weyers of the Chamber of Commerce yesterday at the presentation of the fifteenth report Flevoland Economy and Labour Market 2012-2013. 'There are many over-simplified statements about the Floriade. In our experience, it is a modern machine jobs. 
However, we must recognize that a machine does not do anything by itself. The work that can come out is more than just the 180 days that the Floriade is open in 2022'', as Weyers said yesterday at the presentation of the economic data in the fish market in Urk.
According Weyers must still be carefully thought about the way and Flevoland Almere want to achieve. ,, The Floriade is multisectoral. It is also a construction project, a tourist attraction and a platform to attract businesses.'' To Almere
Recently, former minister Cees Veerman as quartermaster for the Floriade appointed by the municipality of Almere.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Cees Veerman Scout for Floriade 2022

Cees Veerman is the scout for the Floriade 2022. Veerman was in the period 2002-2007 Minister of Agriculture.

The prominent CDA will examine how Almere Floriade social, cultural, commercial and can be financially successful.
The international horticultural exhibition is organized in Almere in 2022 and continued to strengthen the city. Even after the Floriade must Almere the fruits of the event can continue picking. Veerman will examine how the legacy of Floriade for Almere can be secured. For this exploration is extended one year.
Veerman comes from a farming family and was within the CDA an advocate of sustainable agriculture.