Friday, October 4, 2013

CAH opens new location in downtown Almere

Master of Agribusiness Development - CAH Vilentum University of Applied Sciences
from CAH Vilentum on Vimeo.

CAH Almere City Vilentum opens in a new downtown location. Christian Agricultural College was already since 2010 in Almere Poort, but since the development of the district remained would like to move the school to the center.

There is more to do for the students and the town become greener and more sustainable according to the school. The arrival of the Floriade to Almere The CAH teaches about two hundred students. Monday the official opening scheduled with lectures and a party.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Progress For Floriade 2022

Sixty years ago there was a Flora Exhibition for the last time in wandelbos Groenendaal place. Reason for the Historical Society Heemstede-Bennebroek (HvHB) to invite people to a meeting in restaurant Groenendaal. Representatives of the organizations then involved in the year that the municipality Heemstede 100 years owner of the forest, for representatives of the Dutch Horticultural Council ( NTR), the Royal General Association of Dutch Flower Culture (KAVB), the Royal Society for Horticulture and Botany (KMTP) and maintained in the presence of Alderman Christa Cooper Michiel den Ruijter a presentation on the history of the exhibition. 

The landscape has a passion for the history of world exhibitions. He collected a lot of information and pictures. Originally covered the events that took place in large pavilions.Were subsequently added to outside areas. In 1925 the first Flora took place in Groenendaal led by landscape architect Dirk Tersteeg. Ten years later and in 1953 there were two exhibitions. The last Flora attracted around 600,000 visitors. The center of the exhibition, including the main building was located along the Freedom Drive. Flora was a sequel to the flower displays as they were held. every five years and for the last time in 1910 in Haarlem The Floriade, as successor to the Flora was held for the first time in 1960 in Rotterdam. 

In 2022, the Floriade in the rapidly growing city of Almere."Preparations are in full swing," says project secretary Boj van den Berg. Just outside the center will be built on a Green City 60 hectares of land. It will be developed into a permanent district. Jaap Verschoor, chairman of HvHB shows in a humorous way that Heemstede and Almere despite large differences also have many similarities. After lunch makes the company a walk on the old Flora Land led by landscape architect Hans Smolenaers. Groenendaal In the recently published book is also devoted to the Flora shows.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Plant Trees to be reborn at Mysteryland Festival

Mysteryland, taking place on 24th August, brings an explosion of various electronic styles and returns to the Floriade terrain near Amsterdam each year with more beautiful stage colours and cooler national and international acts.

This is one of The Netherland’s biggest dance music festivals and also features some of the best onsite stages and entertainment in the world, with the likes of oversized teddy bears, Disney-esque castles and huge lion-faced stages featuring in the past. 

Visit the Healing Garden, a place where you can be at peace with yourself, relax - and from which you might even leave feeling reborn. Alternatively, plant a tree to neutralise your carbon footprint. So far, 2,000 trees have been planted and a true festival forest has been created!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Jorritsma ratifies sustainable cooperation Shenzhen

 Mayor Annemarie Jorritsma and alderman Ben Scholten visited last weekend the Chinese city of Shenzhen. Jorritsma and her Chinese counterpart Xu signed a Memorandum of Understanding, or a partnership. 

 The Dutch consulate in Guangzhou plays a coordinating role in the partnership, which Almere, in collaboration with Amsterdam and Eindhoven, the Netherlands gives concrete form.

In the coming years, this cooperation on expanding Chinese investment in Almere and the region, student exchanges, cooperation in urban development and the further development of 'green processes' in run-up to the Floriade 2022. Shenzhen is right now part of the international network of 'Growing Green Cities'.
The collaboration aims to give. Economic development of both cities a boost To achieve a good relationship with the local government of great importance, as are companies in China and the government is still closely linked. With the strong growth of the Chinese economy in recent years and the associated internationalization of many companies, China has become increasingly interesting to attract foreign investment.
In Almere, as part of the Amsterdam region has nearly 20 percent of the workforce a job at a company with foreign background and the number of Chinese companies in the region is growing.
Shenzhen is located next to Hong Kong in the Pearl River Delta and accounts for 12 percent of China's economy. The agreement between Almere and Shenzhen is that both cities as "New Towns" have a history of 35 years. Many challenges are the same for both. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Floriade Garden open late August


The Floriade Garden at The Veentjes Doetinchem opens in late August.That says Nico Wissing who pulls the garden with his Megchelse company GreenM2.
The garden - full Achterhoekse sustainable innovations - in 2012 was half a year at the Floriade in Venlo. It was decided then not to destroy the garden but to temporarily store and build on the Veentjes this summer. This is partly in an area surrounded by wooden fencing.
Outside that area is also a pond with a bridge. The Floriade Garden to The Veentjes boost. This after successively the old theater was demolished and Amphion C1000 supermarket closed and the area was desolate.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Floriade Must Be Jobs Engine

In times when the economic climate in Almere, Flevoland as 'unpleasant' is called, hoping the province and the Chamber of Commerce that the arrival of the Floriade to Almere will function as a job creator.
That said Wouter Weyers of the Chamber of Commerce yesterday at the presentation of the fifteenth report Flevoland Economy and Labour Market 2012-2013. 'There are many over-simplified statements about the Floriade. In our experience, it is a modern machine jobs. 
However, we must recognize that a machine does not do anything by itself. The work that can come out is more than just the 180 days that the Floriade is open in 2022'', as Weyers said yesterday at the presentation of the economic data in the fish market in Urk.
According Weyers must still be carefully thought about the way and Flevoland Almere want to achieve. ,, The Floriade is multisectoral. It is also a construction project, a tourist attraction and a platform to attract businesses.'' To Almere
Recently, former minister Cees Veerman as quartermaster for the Floriade appointed by the municipality of Almere.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Cees Veerman Scout for Floriade 2022

Cees Veerman is the scout for the Floriade 2022. Veerman was in the period 2002-2007 Minister of Agriculture.

The prominent CDA will examine how Almere Floriade social, cultural, commercial and can be financially successful.
The international horticultural exhibition is organized in Almere in 2022 and continued to strengthen the city. Even after the Floriade must Almere the fruits of the event can continue picking. Veerman will examine how the legacy of Floriade for Almere can be secured. For this exploration is extended one year.
Veerman comes from a farming family and was within the CDA an advocate of sustainable agriculture.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Filmwijkers involved in Floriade

Foundation Platform Filmwijk marks a major commitment to the inhabitants of the district organizes a meeting next week on the Floriade. The world horticultural exhibition will be located at the back next to the water Filmwijk and despite many positive Floriade is not entirely uncontroversial. 

"There are many sounds of residents of the district on the Floriade" said Tanja Coenen Foundation Platform Filmwijk. "Because the area around the water again will change with the arrival of the Floriade radically there are many people who also sit with worry," she explains. 

"The people who live on the water have again be presented with a permanent view of the greenery and water, this will also lower the price of their home. Additionally, some people are also worried about the cost of the project." She emphasizes that Foundation Platform Filmwijk a positive approach in mind. 

"We do not expect the total Floriade will be held somewhere else, but we like to think about the possibility to put him further westward. We have thought of the area where the castle stands, but before that we will also be the owner need to talk. " They expect to hear many different sounds at the meeting. "This will probably not be the last meeting,".

Monday, April 22, 2013

Floriade Helps Launch Food Product Expansion

Healthy finger food with fruit, vegetables and grain"

Today’s conscious consumers increasingly asks for healthy and tasty products. Innovative companies have responded by introducing new developments. An example of such a product is Smood, which was developed in Holland about 1.5 years ago. Smood is a finger food, made ​​of vegetables, fruit and grain from the nearby province of Limburg, so the taste is well preserved. The product contains no added sugar, salt or fat. It is also free of artificial colours and flavours. The product is packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fibres.

Klaas-Jan van 't Wout, CEO of Smood, says the product was promoted during the Dutch Floriade fair. "This was very interesting because we were able to see whether the idea caught on. Consumers were faced with the product and were allowed to say what they thought of the taste, texture and bite. Based on these responses, we have elaborated and introduced two additional flavours: Italian Vibe and Hot Sensation."

"Currently, the product is already on shelves at various retailers, like Plus, Coop and Spar stores. There we will promote the product to expand brand awareness. What we find important is that our product is right next to the fruit and vegetables. That is where Smood belongs."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Minister promises quick decision on Floriade A9 tunnel

Melanie Schultz van Haegen

Melanie Schultz van Haegen
A cheaper solution than a tunnel near the A9 is the Empire still in talks with Amstelveen. Much more than that wild Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure yesterday not lost in the parliamentary debate on a strategic plan, the construction of the widened part A9. Amstelveen has under the previous lecture for a contribution of 100 million euros in the tunnel contractually.
The minister knows it - she said in response to questions from Ton Elias, the second member of Parliament for the VVD - that the municipality that money can not cough, partly by the deterioration of the real estate market. Because the amount would be it rich computing income last lecture of the redevelopment of the area along the road. What now appears imagination. One of the suggested alternatives, a canopy is in place of a tunnel in order for Amstelveen still less noise and as a result of the dirty air path to obtain.
But deciding on a cheaper alternative does require care, the minister said. They pointed out that the deal on the A9-A1-A6 corridor many parties are involved, all of which have signed the contract put. And they expect that if she is to be held, the same applies for Amstelveen. "But I expect that decision, the various parties can live shortly finalize. And since we are not ready, I can not yet say anything about, "she said.
Elias said that now lobbies MPs from all sides gain. Include directors indicating that seventeen signatures under the deal are on the corridor from the airport, via Amstelveen and Muiden to Almere. "And they are terrified for precedent if signatures or projects will perish. Secondly, political support for a significantly cheaper solution at Amstelveen in these tough financial times also worth something, "said Elias. He added, that in Flevoland fears that the A9 may not be ready in time for the Floriade 2022 in Almere. The trajectory in renewed form it is part of the plan that won that city in the Dutch Horticultural Council Floriade hauled.
Alderman Herbert Raat pleased to say that according to the mninister she comes out with the contract partners. "Hopefully there soon a proposal to the council," he says. He sees in the otherwise rather vague assurances from the Minister a breakthrough in the A9 file.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Groningen wants Floriade plan on a smaller scale

Groningen had a plan for organizing the Floriade 2022. The proposal of Almere was preferred by the Dutch Horticultural Council. That does not mean that the Groningen plans full table. There are advanced plans for an exhibition in the city that is slightly smaller but similar reading is shod. 

The small Floriade was also the former Sugar Land Union to come. Trigger plans Jola Meijer, former top official of the municipality of Groningen. She was also the project manager when Groningen bid book should make the Floriade candidacy underpinnings. Next month, she presents the new plans to the council. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

VBA, Rabo Co-Found Foundation

Rabobank and the Association for Corporate Circle Almere (VBA), the Friends of the Floriade 2022 founded. Both institutions will present their ideas about the details shortly to interested parties.

It is planned that in the foundation companies from Almere, but also from outside the city. "Target is in any case that we have companies like to keep informed of what's happening. We also want that the companies can discuss'', so give Joe Kramer, director of the VBA.  During the phase for the Floriade in Almere was awarded by the National Horticulture Board did include Rabobank and VBA in a research the economic feasibility of bringing the world horticultural exhibition. 

Then there were 150 companies that initiative Almeerder Marc van Rooij supported.  After granting the township has a project has been created and is now working on an exploration and will in all probability this year appoint a quartermaster. ,, We would like local businesses, possibly with external companies, to participate in the preparation. The foundation must be a solid foundation to be. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Floral Coop Formed

Cooperative Innovation in the bulb sector Kop van Noord-Holland

Three spheres companies from the Kop van Noord-Holland have formed a cooperative to join forces.Their goal innovative ball on pot 'products to develop and market it. For this they have a contribution of € 20,000 received from the European Rural Development Programme Leader and Province of North Holland.
The cooperative ( is not only engaged in innovative product development but also as sustainable and environmentally possible produce. In the changing world where comfort and durability are key words, it is important that the bulb industry adapts obey. The collaborating companies want to market supply and demand better coordinate and develop new trends.

For the Kop van Noord-Holland is the bulb industry is very important. This initiative is an example of how companies in difficult times flexible and innovative preparation and thus create new opportunities and markets. (Source: Leader Kop van Noord-Holland).

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Floriade Cleantech is Inevitable Reality

SER Flevoland gave one last card with its final symposium that was held Thursday jl. All experts who spoke, among them Prof. Rudy Rabbinge, agreed: there must be nine billion people worldwide in 2050 are fed. In addition, these people need energy. In the Netherlands, the sustainability policy for food and energy, however, is mainly focused on minimizing the cost, while innovation and commercialization of sustainable uses of biomass such priority should be. Intervention is needed, because the Netherlands falls deeper and deeper into the global ranking of this important growth sector.

Photo: Cleantech economy hard economic necessity

Vera Dam, Director for Nature and Environment Federation Flevoland 

The last symposium SER Flevoland was combined with the five-year anniversary of ACRRES, the application center for renewable energy in Lelystad. This is not only a Flevoland, but also a Dutch showpiece. So could ACRRES important results in the field of algae cultivation present. This culture has a lot of potential. Algae are a very important source of protein (about 50%) and also contain on average 20% carbohydrates and 10% oil. These components are very rich in energy and useful for the production of bioethanol or biodiesel. The oil is very valuable as the sole source of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Innovative Floriade 
Deputy Appelman took the opportunity to emphasize that food production, food security and economic greening stored in the DNA of Flevoland. Flevoland is actually made. The Floriade 2022 which will be held in Almere offers wonderful opportunities for sustainable knowledge to further explore and strengthen and thereby to contribute to the global task.He could write several inspirational ideas of speakers and other attendees.
Contribution National Energy Agreement 
The conference closed seamlessly to the National Energy Agreement for sustainable growth, the national Economic and Social Council is currently composing. It sets binding agreements on energy, clean energy technologies and climate. The symposium gave important input for this and offered various parties Flevoland good networking opportunities with respect to this agreement. Deputy Appelman suggested therefore that the end of SER Flevoland will mean no end of Flevoland tripartite consultations."There are situations where it is useful and instrumental to the regional interests are properly mapping."

Monday, March 4, 2013

Henk Mulder follows Duivesteijn Manager 'Floriade'

The fraction of the Labour Party, Henk Mulder nominated as alderman of Sustainable Spatial Development in Almere. Thus he follows Adri Duivesteijn, who was recently installed as a member of the Senate.
The Group believes that Mulder the most suitable candidate, because he as director of the Department of Urban Development intensively involved in spatial development in the city. "Henk Mulder represents continuity," said party leader John van der Pauw. 

"This is important. 
It means that the policy in recent years has been used structurally anchored and that there will be built. In general terms it than to Oostvaarders Agreement, more specifically above Almere 2.0 and the choice of organic growth of interest. " Mulder's been five years at the city of Almere. He has political experience as leader of the Labour Party in Friesland. 

The new councilor is planning to move to Almere to go when in the next period is also alderman. "Especially for a young city Almere is continuity of policy is crucial," Van de Pauw. "Mulder ensure this continuity, and more than that. Almere is still for large tasks. 

Soon the National Structure for the area Amsterdam / Almere / Markermeer presented and the exploration of the Floriade 2022 start. There is a major task for Mulder to take new steps on the way to a mature, comprehensive and sustainable city. "

Friday, February 22, 2013

Floriade and European Gardens Delight Traveler

Willow and flowering crab trees draped over the canals in Amsterdam. Photo by Jan Carey.
Willow and flowering crab trees draped over the canals in Amsterdam. Photo by Jan Carey.
This frigid weather is giving pause to remember warmer places. Thus, I give you - the Netherlands, Belgium & Paris.

In late April 2012, I was fortunate to become a tour leader for Collette Vacations. My past experience, as Hibbing Community College Study Abroad coordinator, reached the regional rep and he suggested I join the company and create a tour. Of course, I had something in mind. The Chisholm Hibbing Garden Club was investigating a tour to the “Floriade”. The Floriade is a world horticultural expo that occurs once every ten years at a pre-determined location. 

I decided it was the perfect opportunity to use the Collette tour itinerary and whet club members’ gardening appetites. The tour was born. We would experience the Floriade and other gardens along a route through the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Arrival was Amsterdam. Amsterdam is an amazingly colorful city, in more ways than one. Even though it was late April, the city landscape was lush and green. The willow and flowering crab trees draped over the canals and were magnified in the water’s reflection.

The canals’ floating gardens were already sprouting vegetable plantings. And the city’s floating garden market was boasting amaryllis with 12 inch wide blossoms. They were extraordinary.

Three days in Amsterdam provided a day trip to the Floriade, which was located in Venlo, a small city on the border of Germany. The day at the Floriade was windy, but enjoyable. The exhibits were equal to any World’s Fair Expo experience. The site, which encompasses over 60 acres, is divided into areas representing the hemispheres. Over 300 cultural and green-tech presentations and living cultural exhibitions representing more than 30 countries were on the grounds of the Floriade. Many exhibits and buildings were erected for education and awareness. Alternative energy resources and ideas were very prevalent.

I discovered my favorite exhibit in the woods. It was the “Willow Man.” Will Beckers is an Art-in-Nature artist and sculptor, who specializes in creating “green,” living sculptures, and installations, using living organic material. I felt like I was walking through a primeval forest. It was awe-inspiring and creative while peaceful and surreal.

The group left the Floriade, amazed by the expo and progressive environmental views and actions of Europeans.

But it was onward to another day trip. This one was to the Keukenhof gardens. Every photo you may have seen of the tulips and windmills of the Netherlands is in full display at the Keukenhof gardens. One of the hundreds of photos I took actually won a first place ribbon at the St. Louis County Fair.

Our day was hampered by afternoon rain. However, when surrounded by color, fragrance and perfect garden design and landscape, the weather couldn’t dampen our spirits. Keukenhof should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Driving through the countryside of Belgium was much like driving through Minnesota. Belgium’s farm land and rolling hills were dotted with many wind-turbine farms. (A gentle reminder of what we learned at the Floriade.) The next three days were spent in Brussels.
Brussels, a metropolitan city instilled in history, showcases buildings of grandeur and opulence. It has set aside land for the most beautiful city gardens. Our hotel was perfectly centered near the city’s most historical sections.

While in Brussels our excursions included the Royal Gardens, the Atomium, and the Grand Palace. One day trip included a drive through the Wallonia valley with stops at the Abbey of Maredsous and the village of Namur.

Day trip number two was to Bruges. The city of Bruges, a World Heritage site, was like a step back into medieval times. It is one of Europe’s most perfectly preserved medieval cities. Its canals, foot bridges, buildings, gardens were magical.

We departed Belgium and pleaded for perfect weather as we approached the “City of Lights.”
Paris gave us our final three days. Our free-time provided the usual tourist stops – Notre Dame, the Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, etc. But our planned day trips were to the Palace of Versailles and Giverny.

This was my fourth trip to Paris and I had not visited Versailles or Giverny. I was very anxious to experience both. Versailles did not fail my anticipation to see its gardens and structures. The Palace of Versailles was the most indulgent, grand, majestic, luxurious building I’d ever seen. However, it was quite difficult to see through the crowds. Perhaps there is no ‘off-season’ for a visit to Versailles, as the entrance wait was long and the number of visitors large, to say the least. We had a scheduled time at group entrance and we still waited nearly two hours. Once we finally entered, we were herded through the palace with thousands of others.
The gardens were not in full array. The spring flowers of tulips, narcissus, and daffodils were waning. But the grounds were immaculate and sculpted to perfection. We left Versailles somewhat dismayed, but knew we would be well-compensated by our next day trip.
Some readers know I am an amateur painter. Thus, you can imagine my fervor to visit Giverny – the home of impressionist French painter, Claude Monet. As the bus drove through quaint villages lining the rivers Epte and Seine, I grew very angst.

We couldn’t get there fast enough. As we crossed the bridge at Vernon and viewed the sailboats at the river’s edge, I realized Monet’s inspirations.

We arrived to perfect blue sky weather. The visitors were plenty. The lines were somewhat long. But any inconvenience was outweighed by the splendor and sites of Giverny. The Japanese bridge, the water garden, Monet’s house and its interior filled with reproductions of his most famous paintings and his collection of Japanese wood-block prints, transformed my creative, artist soul. I was transcendent. I was in another world. Nothing could surpass this. Correct? The same is probably said by anyone who describes personal travel experiences. But this was true for me.

To quote Ray Bradbury, “Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness.” Netherlands, Belgium and Paris … nothing like it! That is until the next tour.

Jan Carey is a free-lance writer, a traveler, a retired academic librarian and educator. She enjoys scouring antiques stores and estate sales, collecting books, choral singing, playing the piano and painting. She resides in Hibbing, MN, but says her real home is somewhere in the Umbrian hills of Italy.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flevoland is making reservations for Floriade 2022

Lelystad - Flevoland has already 10 million earmarked $ 13 million for the Floriade 2022. The project should contribute to strengthening the economy of the province.
Flevoland, including the horticultural sector and industry in talks to make proposals, which the Flevoland economy can renew. The county shall only money available if view is that the Floriade comes to Almere.
Provincial Executive for the coming summer with a detailed plan. 
Almere has a prototype in the bid book Green City suggested that the spatial design was created by Winy Maas.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Citizens Floriade wins Almere City Marketing Innovation Award 2013

On 24 January, Marc van Rooij of the Citizens Almere from jury chairman Ton Rombouts City Marketing Innovation Award received during the Day of the City Marketing 2013. The event was organized by the Foundation City Marketing Network Netherlands.

The Citizens won the award because the jury this nomination is an excellent example of the fact that bottom-up initiatives, citizens' initiatives, to a great contribution and interpretation of Citymarketing lead.The jury believes that this is an innovative contribution was made to the art that deserves imitation elsewhere.
Also won Glamour Manifesto Amsterdam Incentive Award. The passion, the nature of the actions, the low-budget approach and the high degree of (re) bond Glamour Manifesto has achieved is that the jury considers that this initiative deserves to be further supported.
City Marketing Innovation Award
For Innovation Award were three organizations nominated, the Brand Book of the city of Dordrecht, Counter Creatives, a quality project with use of new media in the municipality of Zaanstad, and the eventual winner the Citizens for the candidacy of Almere for the Floriade 2022. 
The jury, consisting of Erik Braun (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Marcel Schonenberg (Beurs), Robert Govers (advisor place branding) Gaston Crolla (President Foundation Network City Marketing) and jury chairman Ton Rombouts (Mayor 's-Hertogenbosch) was unanimous in her judgment, as evidenced by the jury: "The jury is highly appreciative of the way through a bottom-up approach knowledge and skills from society is mobilized. The basis for a movement of 10 years which Almere on the card can take. "
Incentive Award
Rombouts said during the Day of the City Marketing in Amsterdam, the initiative Glamour Manifesto (a collaboration platform in Amsterdam Amstel and Southeast), is an inspiration to others, do the same in the Netherlands. The jury encourages initiatives like these, because they are based on and lead to a sense of pride and commitment, which city marketing to a higher level can lift. The other nominees were the digital marketing project Almere Next Level 'and the virtual tourist board of the Veluwe Tourism Bureau.
Like last year, the City Marketing Thesis awarded. This encourages the students to the topic network to pick up their findings and insights to make known to a wide audience of professionals. Winner was the submission of Daan Goos "The identiteitsgat: a study of integrated neighborhood branding" of Utrecht University in collaboration with the Municipality of Roosendaal. The jury was impressed by the thesis, because it manages the relationship between the city marketing and restructuring of neighborhoods.
Day of the City Marketing
The fourth National Day of the City Marketing was held this year in Amsterdam and was attended by over 250 participants. After a kickoff by Amsterdam Marketing Director Frans van der Avert gave David Adam, a British expert on "cities and global thinking" and food designer Marije Vogelzang their vision of city marketing and the congress theme "bind and connect. After that Ernst van den Berg (city marketing Hague), Dirk Nijdam (Director Marketing Groningen), Eline Faber (Corporate communications municipality of Emmen) and Pierre of Gijp (city marketer Bunschoten-Spakenburg) led by chairman Gerben Baaij and his "sidekick" Wim Aalbers (Inde Movement Case) with each other and the audience in discussion on the basis of provocative propositions. The Day of the City Marketing was festively concluded with the presentation of the City Marketing Innovation Awards and the inevitable networking reception.
Following the success of the Day of the City Marketing organizes the City Marketing Network on March 6, a region meeting on 'The Citymarketing Solomon Effect: the impact of social media, location-based services and mobile marketing to city and region marketing. What is the consequence of the changed search behavior of visitors to the city or region marketer? " More information on this meeting can be found at .
Network City Marketing
The City Marketing Network is a Dutch partnership of organizations and individuals active in the field of city marketing and other area-based marketing. The Network Citymarketing actively contributes to the sharing of knowledge and experiences of different cities and seeks thereby to further professionalize the field. Meanwhile, more than 3,000 professionals and students connected to the network. In the course of 2013, several regional meetings and mini-symposia are organized.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Floriade 2022 Nominated For City Marketing Awards

City Marketing Innovation Awards 2013 Nominations

The City Marketing Network Netherlands has announced the nominations for the Dutch City Marketing Innovation Awards 2013. The prestigious awards for innovative projects in the field of city marketing will be awarded during the Day of the City Marketing on 24 January axis in Amsterdam. 

Out of the more than 40 entries from across the country were selected for the final six initiatives. In the category for projects realized that the initiative for the candidacy of Almere for the Floriade 2022, the brand book of the city of Dordrecht and Counter Creatives, a quality project with use of new media in the municipality of Zaanstad. 

The digital marketing project Almere 'Next Level ' , the virtual tourist board of the Veluwe Tourism Agency and Glamour Manifesto (a collaboration platform in Amsterdam Amstel and Southeast) are the nominees for the Encouragement Award, which is intended for unrealized initiatives that deserve to be executed. 

A jury consisting Ton Rombouts (Mayor 's-Hertogenbosch), Erik Braun (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Robert Govers (University of Leuven), Marcel Schonenberg (Director Beurs van Berlage) and Gaston Crolla (Chair City Marketing Network Netherlands), will choose the winning entries will be rewarded with the coveted silver award. Fourth Day of the City Marketing on January 24, 2014 is an initiative of the City Marketing Network, the national platform for city marketing in the Netherlands. 

More information: