Saturday, September 21, 2013

Progress For Floriade 2022

Sixty years ago there was a Flora Exhibition for the last time in wandelbos Groenendaal place. Reason for the Historical Society Heemstede-Bennebroek (HvHB) to invite people to a meeting in restaurant Groenendaal. Representatives of the organizations then involved in the year that the municipality Heemstede 100 years owner of the forest, for representatives of the Dutch Horticultural Council ( NTR), the Royal General Association of Dutch Flower Culture (KAVB), the Royal Society for Horticulture and Botany (KMTP) and maintained in the presence of Alderman Christa Cooper Michiel den Ruijter a presentation on the history of the exhibition. 

The landscape has a passion for the history of world exhibitions. He collected a lot of information and pictures. Originally covered the events that took place in large pavilions.Were subsequently added to outside areas. In 1925 the first Flora took place in Groenendaal led by landscape architect Dirk Tersteeg. Ten years later and in 1953 there were two exhibitions. The last Flora attracted around 600,000 visitors. The center of the exhibition, including the main building was located along the Freedom Drive. Flora was a sequel to the flower displays as they were held. every five years and for the last time in 1910 in Haarlem The Floriade, as successor to the Flora was held for the first time in 1960 in Rotterdam. 

In 2022, the Floriade in the rapidly growing city of Almere."Preparations are in full swing," says project secretary Boj van den Berg. Just outside the center will be built on a Green City 60 hectares of land. It will be developed into a permanent district. Jaap Verschoor, chairman of HvHB shows in a humorous way that Heemstede and Almere despite large differences also have many similarities. After lunch makes the company a walk on the old Flora Land led by landscape architect Hans Smolenaers. Groenendaal In the recently published book is also devoted to the Flora shows.